Friday, October 12, 2007

Wrap Dress Wishes

So I have been dying to have a wrap dress for months, and then Aunt Lucy sent me a link to this marvelous place


which was lovely, but really like salt on an open wound because she isn't selling patterns, only kits, and those aren't available until sometime in November at the soonest. I was quite sure that I would DIE without a gorgeous, girly wrap dress. I googled wrap dress tutorials and didn't find anything satisfying at all.

So, I found an old bathrobe pattern and made it up with some $1 fabric I have had in the bottom of my stash for a long time. The pattern is basically just rectangles with arm ski's cut out. I will try to post a drawing of the pieces soon. It would have looked much better with some hot pink bias tape trim, but that would have required a trip to Walmart and delayed my instant gratification. I added a couple of darts in back for a better shape. I had planned to add darts to the front, under the bust, but there wasn't enough fabric.
**Note: I discovered the hard way that darts should be straight up and down, not at the same angle as the skirt, unless you are trying to make your butt look bigger.

In the end, it looks more like a hospital gown than a girly, sassy dress **sigh**

I get the urge to sing "Tub, tub, tubby..."

Maybe instant gratification isn't all it's cracked up to be....

P.S. Thanks to my DH for showing me how to put a link in my post. He is the bestest.


  1. That is a great start! I have been gathering patterns so that at the next hen day (while making diapers) we can put our heads together and manipulate them into wrap dress heaven. I must be at Jills early to get all that done!

  2. Hey sweetie cute dress, if you want to make it a little more girlee just change the angle of the top layer instead of 90 degrees make it a nice round 45 degree angle. and maybe put a nice ruffle detail and the same ruffel on the arms too. I don't know I think it is cute and from someone who has seen LOTS AND LOTS OF hospital gowns, it just is much cuter!!!! lots of love.