Friday, January 25, 2008

Top 10 Things to Buy

I was so bad today. The weight is just not going to come off if I keep doing this to myself.

To get out of the kitchen, I am posting. My cousin(well, actually my cousin’s wife) did this on her blog. It looked fun.

My top ten favorite things (Either I buy these all the time, I wish I could buy them all the time, or I am sooo glad I bought these)

10. Aprons, Sexy Aprons—okay, this was a present, not a purchase, but that is because I am a lucky dog. If you don’t own one, then your life is not complete. Go buy one right now.

9. Lindt Chocolate Truffles—so shiny and round and so heavenly…

8. Books to read and do-- The Fly Lady Book

7. Piano books to play—this was my birthday present to me in November

6. Mary Kay Eye shadow and lip gloss—I FEEL good when I know I LOOK good, don't you?

5. Mary Kay oil-free eye makeup remover—can’t function without it.

4. Organizing bins, tubs, drawers and files. They make me so happy. (and you can tell from the pic that I don't have enough yet. Anyone want to go to Mal-mart with me?

3. Page Protectors (for organizing things in binders)

2. Garlic—so ordinary yet gormet all at the same time.

1. Quilting Fabric—We likes it, My precious


  1. Very nice things! I just bought that copy of Pride and Prejudice. And I would seriously love to buy some Mary Kay stuff. Just let me know how to order. Is it through your website?
    Here's my email.


  2. I want to go to Wal-Mart with you! And I have to agree that the Lindt truffles are definetely super important (especially the white chocolate ones)

  3. The best thing about reading your blog is I hear you voice in my head. Thanks. It was so good to see you this week. And give that Gwenny hugs for me.