Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tulip Babies

As part of the AWESOME "Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice" Apron swap I am in, I won a gift basket of flower bulbs from Bev of Bevie's Blooms. I am so happy about it.

They came in the mail this week in a very pretty tin. I showed the bulbs to Diva 2 and Diva 3. I explained that we would get some special dirt (potting soil) and plant the bulbs and they would grow into flowers. I read the names of the flowers off the little bags. There were



and tulips.

Later, Diva 3 asked me, "Now can we go get the special dirt for the "tulip babies?"


  1. Very cute! How fun to get your bulbs right now!

    Here in Utah I'm seeing some mud after a couple of days of warmish weather (non freezing!). I'm sooo excited for Spring!

  2. I think that Julia looks like a rabbit in that picture.