Thursday, August 20, 2009

Goodbye Sweet Lazy Days of Summer

Now I have to get up early to get my kids off to school.

Pumpkin Pie's first day of Kindergarten. She is so little. Bubba and Cherry Pie are old hats at this school business.

Dang! No more sleeping in.

I have my schedule set though, and I am glad that I will be forced to get up. Flylady and I are going to be good friends this fall :)

Here's a sneak peak of my latest project


  1. so how did gwennie's first days of school go?

  2. Well, she went to the first day all excited. and because I am a great mom I had cookies and milk ready when they got home from school. They were all pretty tired and Ana and Gwenny were on the verge of tears because Kara (whoever that is) told Gwenny that Ana said something mean, so Gwenny's feelings were hurt and Ana insisted it wasn't true, so she was upset.

    The cookies smoothed everything over nicely.

    This Morning Gwenny didnt want to go, but I think it was because she was tired. They'll all do better when they get used to the new schedule