Saturday, September 19, 2009

Delicious Cheddar Pear Pie---This Nearly Was Mine

One Dream in my heart.
One new recipe to try.
One love to be living for.
This Nearly was mine.

As I assembled the pie, I dreamed of how delicious the pie would taste.

True, my 1-year old baby, Cutie Pie, was crying her head off and hanging on to my leg, but I was almost done.

Have a pear, Baby, Just a minute, Baby!

How impressed my company would be.

Ah, the glory.

I brushed the top crust with cream and sprinkled it with sugar. Not only would this pie taste divine, it would look beautiful.

I put the pie in my amazing Jenn~Air double oven stove.

Ahh! Sweet Anticipation

10 minutes later...

BLAST! I forgot to put in the CHEESE.

How could I forget the cheese?

It is in the name of the pie.

No Cheddar Pear Pie for me. Just plain old boring pear pie.


Now, now I'm alone,
Still dreaming of paradise,
Still saying that paradise
Once nearly was mine

What? You want the Recipe? Too Bad.
No Cheddar Pear Pie for me.
No Cheddar Pear Pie for you.

Just Kidding. May you find the pie of dreams within your grasp.

Cheddar Pear Pie

(This is not the recipe I used because I  don't have permission from my aunt to share hers.  However, this one should get you close)

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