Thursday, November 26, 2009

"I like to eat pie" small quilt

My quilt group is doing a mini quilt exchange with a sewing group in Japan. (I know, awesome!) We are each supposed to make a small quilt that is something American and of ourselves.

Here is the sketch I made of what I want to do. I love pie and what is more American than Apple Pie?

The fabric I am using is a Moda charm pack called Astor Manor. It is very pretty reds, pinks, creams and browns. Less contrast than I usually choose for my quilting, but I think my partner will like it--and it made getting started a little easier, since I didn't have to dither about fabric.

I found the idea for a pie applique here It's been ruminatin' round in my head for about 6 months and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get it out of my head and onto some fabric.

If you think I'm brilliant and want pie quilts for yourselves, I'll go over my pattern with a dark pen and make it into a PDF file and then everyone can make a pie quilt. Because really, I can't think of a reason not to have a pie quilt. Then you can eat pie, and put pie on your walls too. Then if you made a pie apron, you could wear pie. This just keeps getting better!

Speaking of eating pie, I found the most amazing site ever for printables. She is Lolly Chops. She has printable name tags that say "Hello my name is _____ and I like to eat pie." Can you not think of many occasions when just such a name tag would be perfect? Even more amazing is her single serving of pie in a jar gift labels. And here at Our Best Bites is the directions. Man o man, I'm so excited for christmas!!

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