Friday, August 20, 2010

Job Chart, DONE!

All my friends made cute job charts this summer. here and here. Everyone else in blogland made one too. I was very jealous and wanted my own. I dreamed of it all summer. What would be best for our family? What system would work?

But think of all the time and brain power to figure out jobs for the kids and me.

Then I had a GENIUS epiphany! I already had a whole system of chores written down from that one time when I got really excited about FlyLady. (I'm still going to get back on track with that, I mean it...)

So I just whipped out (searched under piles of things for a whole day to find) my handy control journal. In it I had already mapped out a system of weekly chores, and assigned them a day. I also had the whole house divided into 5 zones (one zone for each week of the month) and a list of chores that needed to happen monthly in each zone.

Brilliant! I really do love FlyLady.

I just transfered the weekly chores to cards and put them in the pockets. One pocket for each day. Lest you freak out, the Sunday pocket lists ideas for Sunday appropriate activities, not chores. I did not make out lists for each zone of the house. I just wrote "Spend 15 minutes cleaning in the zone." We can check the control journal for what zone to be in and what to do specifically. Now the kids and I can divy up the jobs each morning/after school and voila! clean house, happy Mom. The kids are excited about getting to choose their jobs. They are excited about working with me instead of alone. AND...They are also excited about getting treats out of the treasure box for a week of completing all their tasks. (Oh yes, I do believe in bribery.)

To make this job chart, I used a cork board that I found at the thrift store for $3. I covered it with a yard of fabric that I bought 2 years ago. I love this fabric, but could never find a sewing project that seemed right for it. Now I get to see it every day :) By covering, I mean that I cut the fabric the right size and tacked it down with thumb tacks all around the edge. The pockets are 3x5 note cards that I stapled onto the cork. high tech, I know.

Maybe sometime I'll get into a scrapbooking store and find some 3x5 cards that match my fabric. But it isn't high on the priority list.

I also made a quilt medallion square this week. Isn't it lovely? I wish I was keeping it, but it goes on to someone else now. Part of a fun challenge that my quilting guild is doing.


  1. You are AMAZING. FlyLady helped me regain some sanity. I love your idea for the board. Who cares if it doesn't have matching 3x5s? You put up something, and it works! So much better than procrastinating and waiting for something perfect. :)

    And, just so you know, that is one of the more beautiful quilt squares I have seen in a long time. Your mad skills impress me!

  2. It is awesome, and a worthy use for that sah-weet fabric.