Monday, September 27, 2010

Camping Check List

The Man of the House didn't have to go to work Friday night, so he said, "Let's go camping!" We threw everything in the car and headed north to a state park we hadn't tried yet.

I forgot a few things--like a can opener :( mmmm, no fruit cobbler for dinner-- and I didn't take many pictures because I was too busy having fun. I forgot the first aid kit, so we were lucky no one got hurt.

But all in all it was a great trip and a great way to get back in the camping mode. We do not camp in the heat of summer unless it is required for a family reunion or something. We camp all fall until it gets below freezing. Then the Man of the House has to camp by himself.

On the way home, Saturday, I made a list of the things I had forgotten and wished I had. Then I listed the things I remembered-so I don't forget then next time. Here is my list--So I can find it, and perhaps you may find it useful as well.

List of stuff to bring when Car Camping w/Family

Cash to pay for campsite

First Aid Kit: bandages antibiotic ointment, bug spray, sunscreen, IB Profin, chapstick, eyedrops


oven mitt
can opener
pancake turner
salad tongs (for moving charcoal around on the dutch oven)
big metal spoon
duct tape
trash bags
paper towels
wet wipes
Toilet paper
paper plates
plastic forks
foam cups
aluminum foil
kettle (for heating water)
paring knife
cutting mat
dutch oven
dutch oven lid hook
table cloth
pocket knife
propane fuel for lantern
new mantles for lantern

camp stove *wishlist
frying pan *wishlist

ground tarp
sleeping bags
sleeping pads/air mattress for wimpy mom (closely related to super mom, but at the end of her magic rope)
1 or 2 extra fleece blankets
1 or 2 flat sheets
camping pillows (I plan on making these half size pillows soon)
camp chairs

warm pj's
1 change clothing
hiking shoes
flip flops (because otherwise the kids WILL go barefoot in camp)
baby backpack
water bottles

bar of soap
hand sanitizer
2 hand towels
ponytail holders
shampoo *if camping more than one night
diapers for baby
dirty laundry bag

glow sticks :) fun
camping games *we don't need these yet, our kids are still in the run everywhere and explore it stage. When they are all teenagers we may want card games in camp. Electronics of all kinds are considered blasphemous and are banned.


We camped by a lake, but there was no way to get down to the lake from our campsite and the "beach" was closed for winter. So we might as well have camped somewhere else without a lake. I think our favorite place to camp so far has been Osage Hills State Park in Bartlesville, OK.

I really hate camping with a crawling age baby. They don't like staying in the pack-n-play and if you put them on the ground, they eat everything gross. SO I'm glad Cutie Pie is out of that stage.


  1. I really love camping, but it is so hard with little ones. Good for you for going anyway! :) Sorry about your can opener :( I do things like that too.

  2. Get your self a big rubbermaid tub and lable it Camp Kitchen. Then slowly buy all the stuff you listed then when you go camping you just need to grab the tub and you are ready to go. Just remember to never barrow stuff from it, but if you have to in an emergency then replace it.

    Next time you go to Osage Hills let us know.

  3. Maybe if I organized a "camping kit" we would go, only mailmen don't get days off often.
    I was wondering where you were Saturday.

  4. You should come try the create your own campsite, primitive camping at my house! But if you do go to Osage Hills and don't let me know... you WILL be in trouble!! LOL

  5. hmm, I thought I posted a comment earlier but obviously it didn't work. We need to go camping together! I'll be at mom's this weekend, you should come too.
    p.s. you should have had cutie pie chew through the can with her chipmunk teeth. it would've worked!

  6. Almost Great: we are contemplating a trip to your 100 acre woods--probably early November.

    When we go to Osage Hills we will let you know, Aunt Jeanne.

    Kate, we are going to Haun State Park in Northern MO on Oct 22-23

    Jeanne: the camping kit/box really helps. I do have one, it just needs its own can opener and oven mitt.

    Lucy: Ben doesn't get days off. but they don't work on Saturday Night so when he doesn't have to work Friday night, then we can go camping. I didn't want to miss the Fall Festival, but he never gets to see the kids --they are always in school while he is home. So I felt like it was important to have the family time when we could get it.