Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Cutie Pie

Yep, my baby is no longer a baby. She turned 2.

She likes to be a baby and sit in a "baby chair" and drink a "milky" and snuggle in her blanket. She wakes up at least once a night and climbs out of her crib and comes down the hall to get in bed with Mommy.

She loves her "dollie" that Grandma gave her for her birthday.

She loves to watch Dora the Explorer and yell "SIper, no SIpee."

She loves to color and has very advanced fine motor skills. She just learned how to kick a ball--so her gross motor skills are a wee bit behind. That's my girl.

She loves to look at books about farm animals and have everyone make the sounds. Moo-Cows are her favorite. She likes to wear overalls like Grandpa and call "So Boss" to the cows. She likes to play pretend cooking more than any other of my children did at 2.

She loves to see pictures of her cousins. Especially the babies, Heath and Georgie and Wyat and Henry.

Her favorite foods are cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, milk, yogurt, and Macaroni and cheese. She also likes beans.

Her favorite computer game is check it out!

Her favorite other game is empty bottles of stuff on the carpet upstairs. I think I finally have everything put away high enough. In the last 2 months, I have cleaned the following out of the carpet: liquid and mineral powder foundation, face moisturizer, mascara, lipstick, shampoo, arm&hammer foaming shower cleaner, milk, urine, hair detangler spray, bubble gum, playdough, and soggy graham crackers.

She is very excited each day when the big kids get home from school. I don't know what we'll do next year when Tamale Pie goes off to Kindergarten. Julia and I will be quite lonely, I think.


  1. I love her face in that picture. She looks so excited.

    Happy Birthday, Julia!

  2. A Happy, Happy Birthday to Julia! :)

  3. Can you believe our babies are two? It seems like just yesterday we were waddling around pregnant at the reunion :)

    She is a cutie!