Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Cuts II

Here are the much cooler, hair cutted, Sweetie Pies. The tank tops are because it is 90 deg and I haven't turned on the air conditioner.

you can see from the back that Pumpkin Pie's isn't quite straight. But she tilts her head so much that it is hard to notice when she is moving around

They are A-line cuts. Which is different than an A-line skirt. A little language thing that always bugs me.

Cutie Pie got a baby hair cut.

After looking at how sweaty she is even after the hair cut, I turned on the a/c.


  1. These hair cuts are super cute! I'm all for little girls with short hair.

  2. They look super cute! You did a good job, I was expecting an Emperor Kuzco haircut. And I agree, bangs were not a good idea. Foolish girls! Mom thinks that Julia looks just like Rosie now.