Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Okay, I know it has been nearly a month since Father's Day. But I want to share what we did, cause it was AWESOME!!

Copying this idea from, which I first saw on homemade by jill, we made SUPER SNACKS for our very own SUPER HERO.

My Printer is broken--as in, it makes a terrifying shreek when I turn it on and then comes up with ERROR 5#@$^)%3582#$)(@#&$91802q1 and refuses to print.

Actually, my printer has been awesome for 4 years. I just miss it alot now that it doesn't work.

Anyway, because of the printer malfunction, we couldn't use the already made printables (origionally made by Jordan of O Happy Day), so we had to make our own. I think we did a pretty amazing job.

The best part was the Happy Father's Day cards that Bubba and Magpie made up all by themselves. My kids are awesome.

Hopefully, these snacks have kept our SuperHero happy and full of energy while he is off fighting villains and stuff so we can have food to eat and a roof over our heads. He isn't perfect, but he does his best for us every day and that is all a woman can reasonably ask for, after all.

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  1. --I think you should be worried that your printer is swearing at you.

    --Those are the most amazing father's day cards I have ever seen!

    --I'm glad you are having reasonable thoughts even though you are muy pregnant in the hot hot summer. You are a better woman than me!