Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cherry Pie

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Cherry Pie got her nickname--which is short for "The Princess of Sweetness and Cherry Pie" ('Hans My Hedgehog' from Jim Henson's 'The Storyteller') because she was so breathtakingly beautiful as a baby. I seriously spent the first 2 weeks after she was born on the couch holding her and surrounded by a pink warm fuzzy cocoon of baby girl happiness. She was so delicate like a flower or a spiderweb in the sunrise, covered in dew. I spent hours just admiring her. At some point, Bubba (story to come later), who was 2 started coming up and biting my knee, and I remembered that I had 2 children who needed love and attention.

Aside from being beautiful, Cherry Pie has a tart streak which keeps her from being overwhelmingly sugary and unbearable. She is fun and sporty and she has a twisted sense of humor (one might say slightly evil sense of humor) that is really startling and funny. Example: One day at the dinner table, she suddenly held her fork over her plate in a very threatening manner and, addressing her food, said, "Tell me the truth or I will stab you!"

I can understand this streak because I always loved the really gory fairy tales as a kid. You know, like the Cinderella version where the stepsisters actually carve off part of their feet to fit into the slipper. The little birds sing to the prince about "There's blood in the shoe, the bride's not right" and he goes back to get the real Cinderella.

Cherry Pie also inherited my compulsion to draw and color on walls. I'm sure my mother feels that this is only just and fair. Ironically, this particular mess was made at my mom's house. Sorry, Mom.

Cherry Pie is a collector which is why she also gets called "Magpie" from time to time. She gathers pretty things up and hides them in her drawer and other little nests in corners of her room. Sometimes the things are not exactly hers. She also gathers little scraps of paper and bits of stickers for her nests. When she was 2, she would pull out fat quarters from my quilting fabric stash and hide them under her bed. I would find her later petting them and calling them "pity, pity." Again, a compulsion that I understand well.

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