Monday, September 19, 2011

Not Panicking!--well maybe a little

My Pregnancy Countdown ticker says I have 92 days left.

If I flunk my sugar test next month, that will minus 14 days off the total. YIKES! I'm so not ready yet!

Plus you know that means it is only 97 days until Christmas. Are you ready? I'm not.

Plus I am a little over 2 weeks into my first month of Sales Director Qualification with Mary Kay. The company gives us 4 months to meet the requirements, but my goal is to finish in 3, a.k.a BEFORE the baby is born.

I've been working so hard! I've done more facials in the last 2 weeks than I've ever done in a month. Right now, all I can do is keep working and hope the numbers add up to what they have to be by September 30th. I must just focus on the work I need to do and not focus on the worry. Worry won't get me anywhere.

In just a minute I'm going to take a deep breath and leave this computer and get to work. I'm pretty proud of myself that I've had the house clean, dinner on the table and the laundry caught up--all while working 15-20 hours a week on my Mary Kay. That in itself is proof how much I've learned about time management and self-discipline in the last few years. I even went to the temple last week.

But I also grouched at my kids several times and let my 3 year old watch too much TV. So I'm not even close to perfect yet.

I keep worrying that part of my current efficiency is due to the fact that I have only 1 child not in school and 4 big kids who come home and do at least 1 chore for me every day. In other words, I'll lose all this wonderful control over my life in December when the baby arrives. I have to keep reminding myself that it is a temporary and unavoidable thing--not being able to get anything done after a new baby arrives. Plus that new baby will be so much fun to cuddle and kiss.

I'm so excited about what is going on in my life right now and I am determined to keep working and not drop back into the old procrastinating me. The ostrich who liked to just stick her head in the sand periodically and pretend that nothing was going to fall apart if she just ignored it for a week or 2. As we learn in physics, 2nd law of thermodynamics, the entropy (disorder, randomness, chaos) of a system always increases unless we apply a counter energy or work.

So I'm off to work with a sense of urgency (not panic).

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  1. you are amazing sister and I miss you. I'm real sad that I won't be coming home for Christmas, but Christmas packages are always exciting, right? p.s. I just bought the super cutest baby boot pattern from the store, and your little bundle of sweetness will definitely be receiving at least one pair.