Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It is amazing how my attitude sinks in direct proportion to how low the baby is sitting each day.

Then again, when I spend a sleepless night because my legs hurt so badly and I'm sure my hips are going to pop out of their sockets from the pressure, perhaps it isn't surprising that I'm crabby and impatient and depressed the next morning.

The same thing happened to me on Saturday night. So Sunday (my birthday) I was not a pleasant person to be around. Then Monday the baby floated back up and I became much more cheerful.

Now it is Wednesday and we are both down, down, down.


  1. I really hope that means your little one will make an appearance SOON!!! This is the worst of it. I wish I were there to take over and let you rest!

  2. I feel like the signs of baby coming are kind of like the signs of the Second Coming. They all mean soon, but soon could be days, weeks (years) away...

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