Monday, December 12, 2011

Finished Projects this fall!

I finished 4 more pairs of slippers, for a total of 7 pairs of slippers this fall.

Made my own maternity Jeans.

I made a quilted tote bag for a friend (but forgot to take a picture-too bad, the fabric was BEAUTIFUL)

Helped 2 of my children sew little gifts for their teachers- one kitty-cat felt sunglasses case and one very fat Reindeer felt tree ornament. (also forgot to take pictures, doh!)

One large Totoro Pillow Buddy out of fleece. I watched this youtube video on how to draw Totoro and get the proportions right. My drawing was great (I think.)

my finished softie....well... My Totoro looks more like a bowling pin with bunny ears. Sigh.

Note to self. Remember last time I made a pattern for a stuffed object?

Same problem. I need to add more width to the pattern to account for the fatness of stuffing. Maybe I'll remember that next time since I've made this mistake twice now.

Oh well, Cutie Pie will still love him on Christmas morning.

And do I feel awesome for finishing all this--while being pregnant and Primary President?

Yes. Yes I do.

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  1. I am super impressed! The Totoro pillow is awesome. Good luck on having your baby today!