Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gas? Colic?

Baby Dumpling is 3 1/2 weeks old now. She typically has a fussy time every night. She acts hungry, but cries while she is eating and gets more and more upset.

I feel sure the trouble is a rumbly tummy.

Today she was fussy nearly all day. It got really bad after 8 p.m. At 10, I began to feel unsure about everything.

Finally I gave her a bath. She loves bath time. As soon as I put her in the water, she totally relaxed and just lay there in the water. I could tell she was happy.

Sadly, bath time can't last forever. She stayed happy for about 10 minutes after her bath. She even attempted to coo.

Then she was back to angry again.

Lucky for us all, she eventually fell asleep.


  1. She is adorable!! So sorry about the tummy troubles :(

  2. she is just missing her great grandparents up in heaven and how they all spoiled her while she was up there :)
    p.s. she is super adorable, I love when babies start opening their eyes wide and looking around

  3. Sigh. Someone needs to bring you a treat, I think.

  4. Do you do the I Love U baby massage?

  5. My goodness, she is adorable. I wish I had some advice for you, but I don't. My 4th was my fussy one but he would still eat. Let's see, you have five other kids . . . that would equal at least 60 minutes of bath time a day with one person supervising each time :) (And if Ben is home, he can to two turns for 80 total minutes of calmness).

  6. She has such penetrating eyes! And the tummy of a Luke! The fact that she loves water reminds me of the "happiest baby on the block" book that says babies need a 4th term. They can be calmed by simulating the womb around them thru swaddling tightly, rocking, ambient noise, and something to suck on. You've probably already tried all these. Good luck! And come hang out here if it's too much.