Tuesday, April 3, 2012

33 things

**I began this post to celebrate turning 33 last fall, but I never finished it. I was having trouble thinking up 33 things. It seems a strange coincidence that I stumbled over this old half-finished draft on a day when other people are also talking @ the number 33.

This post is egotistically all about me (as opposed to my other posts *eye-roll*), so if you want to skip this one, feel free.

1. If you were to ask me what I do in my free time, I would say I sew things, read books, and surf Pintrest. The truth these days though, is that when I have an absolutely free moment I usually end up wasting it by sitting on the couch and marveling over the fact that I have a free moment.

2. I think pineapple on pizza is yucky.

3. I think vegetable soup is delicious and I could eat it every day.

4. I think green matches everything.

5. I've never been kicked out of a place for being rowdy, but I did get in trouble for playing spoons in the back of Home Ec. class in Junior High. Good Times :)

6. Project Runway is my favorite TV show ever.

7. Tim Gunn's mantra ("Make It Work") is almost the same as mine ("I'll Make it FIT") ......It's like we're twins.

8. I particularly adore quoting favorite movies in conversation.

9. The novel I have re-read the most times is "Gone With the Wind." I'm not sure why it is so compelling to me. It is not my favorite book. It might be because I see all of Scarlett O'Hara's faults in myself and I have to keep reading the book to make sure I am not becoming too much like her.

10. When I'm angry I listen to Melissa Etheridge and clean things in the house that require fierce scrubbing.

11. When I'm sad, I play the piano. It usually makes me feel better.

12. I love to watch Star Trek The Next Generation. And no, I wasn't in love with Will Riker or Wesley Crusher when I was a girl--Captain Picard was the man for me.

13. But I adore Wil Wheaton

and think he is awesome. I blog to keep in touch with my far flung family, but in my wildest dreams, Wil Wheaton would stumble upon my blog and leave me a comment telling me that I'm hilarious. However, the amazing Bloggess I am not. I read her blog and laugh myself silly until the cursing gets too much for me and then I have to stop and take a break. So I cannot be her, even if I was that funny.

14. I love love love pumpkin pie. I'm pretty sure it's my favorite food ever.

15. Some people shower in the morning. I must shower at night. I can't sleep if I'm dirty. My skin crawls just thinking about it.

16. When I go to the airport and they make me take my shoes off and walk down the line, I totally stress about having to put my shoes back on my now dirty socks.

17. I cry at the end of "Nanny McPhee" every time I watch it.

18. I'm 33 and I'm still scared of the dark.

19. Admit it. Life would be so boring without me!

20. I know lots of Spanish vocabulary, but can't string any words together to make conversation.

21. I let my 3 year old take hour long baths because it keeps her happy and busy.

22. My sister, Amanda, can talk me into doing just about anything, no matter how crazy, illegal, or life-threatening.

23. I do not like the movie "Edward Scissorhands". But I do like "Nightmare before Christmas" and "Corpse Bride".

24. I have blue eyes. It is my husband's favorite thing about me.

25. He won my heart because he values education & intelligence. ..and he writes poetry to me sometimes.

26. If you ask my kids what cartoon character I am most like, they will tell you "Kim Possible." That makes me super happy

27. This might be my favorite number. It made me happy to type it.

28. If you ask my kids why they love their mother/are proud of their mother, they will say it is because I fix them food and don't let them starve. I'm glad their standards are low.

29. Why did the elephant cut off his back legs?


So he could go bummin' around the jungle. hahahahahahahahahaha I kill me.

30. The only time I really regret not having tv/cable is during the Olympics. Then I permanently camp out at someone's house who does have TV.

31. I am really loving my thirty's. For the first time in my life, I feel very comfortable in my own skin. I know who I am and I know what I like. I'm old enough to be taken seriously but young enough to still be young. It's great.

32. I had a geography professor in college who's political philosophy I despised (Would you categorize thinking *China's ideas on population control are to be applauded* as a political philosophy?). But he said one thing which I believe is true: "We are ALL dirt farmers."

33. Genuis tid-bit that makes you laugh and love me and sums up my entire existance *here*


  1. he he, that's a great list! thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. You are now George's favorite aunt for posting a picture of Rhino on your blog. He was super excited.
    I'm glad that a little Star Trek love made it onto your list, we're all a little trekkie at heart I guess. And I love Picard and everything he does. Did you know he is the egg king on Jimmy Neutron? love it!
    p.s. Nate told me his star trek crush was Doctor Crusher bwahahahaha

  3. That made me so happy! Thanks Becca!

  4. Love this list. So glad you shared it! :)

    thanks for the blog award . . . I will pay it forward next week.

    Enjoy your Easter weekend!