Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer has thrown off my groove.

So here is Baby Dumpling a month ago

such delicious fatness!

I've got a backlog of about 5 or 10 posts in my brain to share with you, my avid readers. But with the kiddie pies home for summer, I spend 3/4ths of the daylight hours fixing food for them to devour and cleaning up after the feeding frenzy. Then I have to fight them off the computer for a chance to type my blog post one handed- 'cause the fat Baby Dumpling has decided that naps and sleeping through the night are for suckers and she's not one--so she likes to stay on my lap. But maybe later today or tomorrow I'll find a moment.

In the mean time, you-all keep bloggin' because I can read one-handed just fine.

P.S. my awesome friend over at Well-Bread Mom made this cute sunbonnet for Baby.

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