Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stumpy it is

Apparently they use a vice to stretch the knee open during surgery.  Maybe it'll make one leg longer than the other.

Tomorrow morning I take the DH in for surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his knee.  Yesterday we were sitting on the couch and he outlined what I'm supposed to do with the insurance money if there is some kind of terrible knee surgery accident that kills him.

I told him the knee is pretty far away from vital organs, comparatively, and that worst case scenario, if they really messed things up, it might end in amputation.  And that wouldn't be so bad, I would just call him "Stumpy" for the rest of his life.

Also when people asked him a question he didn't know, he could shake his head and say, "I'm stumped." 


Hopefully his sense of humor isn't located in his right knee because it would be terrible to lose one's leg and one's sense of humor at the same time.


  1. My wish for him is a speedy recovery! Good luck tomorrow!

  2. bwa ha ha! i sure hope the surgery went well. (still laughing...)