Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Personal Flaws

Consider personal flaws....

Is there a flaw that while you would never never judge anyone else for having and in fact, love other people who have this flaw....

if it turned out that you had this flaw, would you be horrified, embarassed, and deny it vehemently?

I have a head cold this week and am rather stuffed up in the breathing department.  Other times of year, I have seasonal allergies that stuff up my nasal passages.

My husband says I snore.   (aaah I can't even tell you how horrified I am to even be typing this.)

I say:  

#1 loud stuffy breathing (where the sound comes from your nose) is not the same as snoring (where the sound comes from your throat)

#2  Snoring absolutely does not fit with the mental image I have of myself in my head.  Therefore it is impossible that I snore.

#3 It is very ungentlemanly of him to mention something that happens when I am asleep and completely unaware of it.

See?  It is impossible that I snore. 

I'm off to purchase some Nyquil. 

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