Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Baby Dumpling is 1 year old!

December first, we set up the Christmas tree.  We had a lot of fun-- so much fun that I forgot to go to a baptism that I had faithfully promised the missionaries I would attend.  It was for two of my primary children.  I still feel pretty bad about forgetting.

Baby Dumpling was so excited  about the tree and the Christmas penguins that she walked across the room for the first time.

That makes her our child who walked the earliest--almost 2 weeks before her first birthday!

Baby Dumpling can say lots of words, which is also unusual for such a little baby.  She says Mama, Dad, pig, dog, kitty, and cracker (but she means any food).

She loves to play peek-a-boo and for me to carry her around all day. 

She likes to play with cell phones and I can hardly use mine because the second I pull it out, she starts screeching for me to give it to her.  I blame Grandma's Ipad.

She loves to watch the dog and kitty playing outside and she loves to dig the dirt out of my houseplants and eat it. 

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