Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quilts and gifts and the golden ratio

I have my sister Amanda for our family's christmas gift exchange this year. Because she never reads blogs, I can talk about it all I want without fear of giving away the surprise. She is a Math professor at a college. She has taught English and Literature in the past and she is amazing at both. She is witty, intelligent, loves clothing and pretty smelling lotions. None of us in the family escaped from having a little Trekkie blood in us.

What do I get for Christmas for an amazing woman like this? My standard gift of Mary Kay products, although fabulous and always well recieved, just didn't seem personal enough. I googled "Math gifts." This brought up a large number of t-shirt and mug stores. Now I know that I don't want to get her a T-shirt, even though it is her favorite gift to give others, so she must love them herself. But I looked through a few anyway. I found this amazing quote:

“The laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God." (Euclid, 365 - 275 BC)”

Now what to do with it..... As my current crafting tends to quilting, I am thinking I will make a quilted wallhanging. I will base the design on either the Golden ratio sea shell or a sierpins Triangle (a fractal)

I am leaning toward the sea shell.
If any of you have some suggestions, I would welcome them. Those of you who know Amanda can tell me if my idea is good or if it would register a big ZERO on her "give-a-crap o-meter"


  1. I think that she would love it and would hang it upon her wall (she hangs everything upon her wall, you should see her apartment!). By the way, she loves all things beachy and having to do with sailboats and things, so I would go with the shell pattern if I was you!

  2. I called her and asked if there was anything that she definitley didn't want for Christmas. She said her kitchen is decorated with frogs and that I could do something with that. Do you think she is a more sleek modern kind of girl or traditional farmhouse or sexy diva?

  3. Hello!! I am crashing your blog!! ;)

    But, I have a vinyl cutter and if it's what you are thinking of I could TOTALLY hook you up! Check out my Wallflowers Vinyl blog if you have no idea what I'm talking about. Let me know if you are interested. Toodles!!

  4. Yep, her kitchen is all frogs and James likes to suck on some of them because they squeak. But her living room is all oceany-sailing decoration. And she has beaded doorways (I've always wanted one of those, but now I realize that I get stuck in them, so no for me). I would say she's a cross b/w sleek modern and sexy diva with just a dash of farmhouse. haha, how's that for confusing? But yeah, more on the modern/diva side I would think. She always wears the cute new clothes and she has about a million pairs of shoes.