Thursday, March 6, 2008

Apron Swap DONE!

I finally finished my apron for the apron swap. Only a week late. But I was sick last week. I procrastinated it for fear that I would make something awful and my partner would hate it. I still don't know if she will like it, but at least it isn't awful. I like aprons that have a top--that is the part of me that needs protecting anyway. My most favorite apron ever is one from Mexico. So I traced it onto brown paper and made a pattern. I like this apron because it makes me feel pretty to wear it. It is pink and has lace. The plaid fabric is a must to be authentic as are the flowers on the pockets. I chose dogwood blossoms because I am from Missouri, and dogwoods blooming means spring is finally here.

This is my new Kitchen Bling Bling from my dear dear Husband! Happy Day

I have already made bread in it. Happy Day. Look Look how shiny it is :)

These marvelous things were made for me by my sister, Mary. She brought them over on Valentine's Day. Isn't she amazing? I am way too lazy to do this much work on cupcakes. I was not too lazy to eat these though. hee hee.


  1. I love you bling bling and the apron is realy great. I'll need to trace off your pattern.

  2. I love the apron! It's very cute. And I'm super jealous that you live close enough to get treats from Mary.

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  4. the only thing is, I forgot to add seam allowance when I cut out the apron. Luckily, my swap partner is skinnier than me, so it should fit her just fine.

  5. I totally agree with you here. Even in California, the dogwoods blooming are always the first sign of spring. They're so pretty, but it doesn't last long! I love this apron too. Maybe one of these days I could coerce you into making one for me. =)