Monday, September 8, 2008

A rant

Okay, We all know that gas prices are high--everyone complains about it. Everyone wants the government to "fix" our problem.


--Why do people leave their cars running while they go into the post office?

--Why do people who drop by my house leave their cars running in my driveway while they chat, sometimes for more that 15 minutes?

--Why do so many people drive their kids to school instead of having them drive the bus? They sit in line with their cars idling every morning and afternoon for 20 minutes or more to pick up their kids.

Do these people really not care about all the wasted gas they are burning as their cars idle? (I won't even go into ozone pollution) I remember in school being told not to leave the water faucet running while we brushed our teeth--to conserve water. What about conserving gas?

Until the high school parking lot is empty and people start turning their cars off when they leave them, gasoline isn't really a
"crisis," is it?

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