Monday, November 17, 2008

I posting because my sister made me...

Sooo... This month I have mostly been sitting on the couch (on my fat bum) feeding my glorious new baby and reading books. Lots of books, happy day. (But I am too lazy to tell you all the good ones and find pix of them and remember the author's names. maybe later.) I have also made lots of cookies and caramel popcorn and other sweeties because I wanted to, OKAY. But when I wasn't busy doing those things, I was doing some of this:

You can have lots of fun with a few silk flowers and rubber bands and 2 cute girls

The the Boy has mad soccer skills.

Well, not really, but at least he didn't hate it and refuse to go every game, like 2 years ago.

And he is a decent goalie. Also, he just tested into his school's gifted program. The DH's buttons are bursting.

We had a blast on our visit to Fayettville AK

Everyone climbed about on this awesome castle at the park. And don't worry, G-Diva (not pictured here) climbed up high and then got scared and screamed murder until Katie and I realized there was a problem and ran speedy quick to rescue her.

This is A-Diva holding a snake (who knew?) at the fantastic reptile museum we visited. It was one of those places where you find yourself murmuring, "oh, Good..." repeatedly and checking the floor for things that move. But we loved it and will probably go back because how many places will let you pet the alligators?

the Boy holding the baby boa.

I had to put this one because she was so cute. Do you blame me?

It was R-Diva's birthday (look at that self-satisfied smile as she peels the cupcake.) Also, note the obligatory Barbie. Sigh. At least they all have one now, so I don't have to buy any more.

Seester made this sweet monkey doll for the birthday girl. Don't you just covet her fabric stash??? R-Diva has named her "Genevive" which is perfect, IMO.

(am I so cool for using a text messaging abbreviation?? Tell me I am. I am having a b-day myself in a week or so and I will be much more than 3. ten times that, in fact. It's a good thing I use Mary Kay, I can feel the wrinkles knocking.)

P.S. We also watched Kung Foo Panda. It was awesome. I wish to own it. In the words of Po: "I love Kung FUuuuuuuuu...."


  1. Those girls are much braver then myself. I hate snakes. HA we love Kung fooooooooooo

  2. I'm real glad that you've been feasting upon carmel popcorn and the like because I have definently done a little feasting of my own on brownies and peanutbutter popcorn. So tasty. That is an amazing picture of R-diva in the tutu asleep.

  3. So was g-diva a nakie girl with long hair?