Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful Christmas, thanks to our wonderful family and many friends.

Here is a picture of one of the felt princess crowns I made for the divas.

I like the things I make. even when I am copying someone else's idea, like I did here. This is the doll quilt I made for our swap in the Newtonia Battlefield Quilters December meeting.

Now it is January Second and I need to solidify my New Year's Resolutions.

What is really important to me??? I can't do everything, but I want to !

Goals should always be stated positively, with what you will do/gain, not what you will not do/loose. So:

For myself, I will
1. read my scriptures every day
2. each week I will write 5 pages of that book (I have wanted to write for the last 6 years).
3. exercise 5 days a week and replace sugary snacks and chocolate with veggies and fruit.
4. Do something for my Mary Kay business every day (mon-fri)

5. I am determined to keep the house clean and orderly. I feel that my best plan to accomplish this is to go back to the FLYLADY

6. I will consistently plan good Family Home Evening lessons and teach them on Monday Nights. I have always been more successful at this when I had an overall plan. So my plan is to use the conference Ensign. Each week I will choose a talk given by one of the apostles or the first presidency (I will go in order of seniority) that I feel is relevant to our family and base the lesson on that. That is 15 weeks of lessons and the children will know all of the apostles by the end.


  1. Oh, I love your goals!
    I have been doing FlyLady for the last two years, and it has completely changed my homekeeping and my life. I didn't do everything at once (and I still don't), but every little thing I add and make a habit makes it that much easier to be a mom and do the things I really enjoy doing. Love the system, and if you want encouragement, I will cheer you on!

    As for FHE, I am going to be posting ideas on my blog weekly and monthly. I also signed up for a FHE yahoo group last year that I have really enjoyed. Send me a note if you'd like to know more - for example, one of the ladies just posted a whole year's worth of lessons/game/and treat ideas in a pdf for 2009 based on the Primasry theme for the year and each month! Wow!

  2. Yes, I have learned a great deal from Flylady and want to incorporate more of her suggestions this year. I am interested in that Yahoo FHE group. More Ideas are always a good thing