Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Push Pause! Push Pause!

Okay, so I tried being super. Which really isn't unusual for me. Those are the things I always try to do.

But remember that Adam Sandler movie where he gets a remote that can rewind & fast forward life?

I just want to get that remote and put my life on pause until the DH comes home.

**Insert Picture of Zombie Lady here**

Only I realize that I will waste a large portion of my life and be a bad mom if I do that.

So I keep trying to keep going.

But sometimes it sucks.

At least I fixed my vacuum today. So it sucks!

And guess what? I took a quiz and

Twilight Quiz
Twilight Quiz » QuizRocket.com's fun quizzes!

You are beautiful beyond measure -- the envy of every girl. Your loyalty to your family is as fierce as your sense in fashion. You love your family very much, and wish you could have your own one day.
Which just goes to show how psycho and unbalanced I am right now.


But wait!

I am gorgeous

and value having children

and can be very cold to people that I view as a threat to my family.

I guess it's true.

I'm Rosalee

At least I'm not Bella.

Can I still have Edward?

p.s. I had to say no to a murderous # of adds to get my results on this quiz, so I don't recommend it. But since I clicked so many times to get it, I posted it anyway.

1 comment:

  1. So how do you feel being Rosalie? Your motto will have to be "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!" :-)

    I didn't even see your post yesterday, but I took a different Twilight test today...

    I was Jasper when I answered the questions and Esme when Amber answered the questions...she told me that I always lie on quizes, then when "Esme" showed up she exclaimed that that wasn't me either. So who knows!

    I tried the quiz you took, but they wanted me email addy and my first and last name so I gave up on that one.