Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't Hate Me Because My Hat is Beautiful

Or, the Story of a Sweater.

About 5 years ago, I purchased a red wool sweater at a thrift shop. I wanted to felt it and use it for quilting or other crafty goodness.

The tag read:
15% nylon
40% Lambswool
45% Angora Rabbit Hair

100% Lovely!

I washed it in hot water and dried it on high in the dryer 2 times. It shrunk some, bled ALOT of red dye out and got all furry. (My aunty who knows told me the Angora doesn't felt down as much as wool.)

But Cherry Pie, who was three at the time, loved wearing the furry red sweater which was now just her size. So I couldn't cut it up.

After being forgotten at the bottom of the dress-up box for years, it is time for Sweater to have a new life!

I'm having fun deciding what to do with the sleeves.

p.s. Thanks to DH for taking such nice pictures for me. Yes the lighting is less than spectacular and yes, my eyes are red. That is because I never have time for sewing except at 11:00 p.m.


  1. Great hat! I love it. You can make a great stuffed animal or monster with the left over bits.

  2. Freak! (not you the awsomness of that hat!) That is so fabulous and YES it did not the anything else done to it. Perfect and your pictures are getting so much better. Great post. Missed Hen day yesterday but I am sure you will NOT miss our nasty germs. They are VILE.

  3. You look awesome in the picture, and the hat is fantastic! You could make some soft slippery shoes for Julia out of the bits

  4. Ohhh! I love your hat! Sew simple. Thank you for sharing it... I was looking for ideas to make things out of my felted wool sweaters and found you!

  5. Very nice! I love the deep red of it. Congrats! :)

    BTW, sorry I rarely get by anymore. My computer's Internet Explorer browser is so outdated that a few blogs, including yours, freezes up my computer. I need to become better friends with Google Chrome and come by here more, but I'm afraid that it isn't my favorite browser. I'll change my ways though!

  6. Love the hat. You are quite crafty! :)