Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Story of a Hat

A young cowboy hat came to visit one day.

Here is the handsome head he arrived on.

When it was time for the handsome head to go home, our cowboy wasn't ready to go! He hid under the couch. What a naughty boy.

There was so much to do in Missouri.
Rope a LongHorn Tricycle.

Jump on the trampoline.

Watch Cardinals.

Play with the baby.

Flirt with some pink boots.

Unfortunately, there was no future in the relationship.

Finally, he was ready to go home.
Here he is in a Mary Kay box--which may have been beneath his dignity, but was the only one available that was big enough.

"Adios mi amigo."
Say "Hello" to Texas for me.


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  2. This made my day. I laughed and laughed!