Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday, Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie is 6. She loves to take care of babies. She loves pretty things like painted nails and fake sparkly tatoos. She writes little love notes to me often. Her favorite games are animal charades and "Guess Who."

For her birthday, I made her a little Jolly Postman set. I was inspired by this post and this one.

I used heavyweight pellon and random fabric scraps. The pellon was easy to write on with a ball-point pen. The "stamps" are all attached with velcro and can be swapped around. I used adhesive velcro, not sew-on. I skipped the mail bag because there are already enough bags in the dress-up box, but I might take one of them and add a "Mail" label to it. I really love these envelopes. I need to make some of them.

For some time I have wanted to make a family mailbox. My mother made a family mailbox when I was about 13. It was one long banner of double-knit polyester. Each of us had a pocket on the banner with our initial appliqued in the middle. My sisters and brothers wrote each other all kinds of notes. I even published a family newspaper, "Hansen Happenings" using an old manual typewriter. I have a copy of the first edition, including installment one of the "Storie Special: The Magic Rope" a fairy tale written by my sister, Amanda, and me. It featured a strong young woman and her adventures on the way to rescue her true love. We were girl-power feminists and we never knew it. The newspaper also inclues a "Lost & Found" column, a "Dear Jane" column and several announcements of summer camp plans and new clubs various family members were forming. There were 7 kids then and we lived way out in the country. We had to entertain ourselves!

The DH has also been busy. Here he proudly displays the fruits of his faith and labor.

I was the nay-sayer who thought carrots were too hard to grow. He has also been to South Dakota with his guard unit, for Operation Golden Coyote, to help the National Forest Service.

There he is driving a dozer. (Usually, he just supervises the work since he is the officer. This is me bragging. My DH is a sexy lieutenant. brag. brag.)


  1. So awesome!

    I'd love to convince Liv to write a newspaper for the fam! Lucky you still have them, with your fam's history.

  2. When I read, "We were girl-power feminists and we never knew it." I thought "How could she be any different with the mom that she had??" LOL!! Your mom sure isn't just some wimpy girl, that's for sure! That's one of the many reasons I like her. :)

    Love the idea of the family mail, the newsletters and newspapers. The country inspires creativity; I miss it!!