Monday, August 9, 2010

Family Fun in the Summer

I should be canning apples. But I'm too tired. So I should go to bed. But here I sit.

We all took a day trip to Arkansas last month. So fun. Except the part where I was crushed in the back seat of a van with 5 small childrens.

These are all of my parent's grandkids, minus 3

THere was room to spread out when we got to the Cousin's house.

Not everyone loved the swing.

Everyone did love Badminton, except those who got whacked.

Everyone loved the Gogurts--Great Grandpa Bennion's favorite treat

You may not know this, but I come from a family of super heros!


Lava Girl

Worry Wort (whose super power is that whatever she worries about never comes true.)

Also capable of eating a whole pie all by herself!!

Sand Woman--who turns stuff into sand

Katy-Didn't (who's super power is that it is never her fault.)


Hank the Tank

I can't remember these 2's super hero names. Jungle boy and Incredi-boy?

Ladybug Girl and Bumble-Bee Baby

Super Luke

Amazing Hot Dog Man

There is no picture of my super-woman alter-ego: The Rememberizer (super power--helps mothers remember where they put stuff.)

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  1. Is that Sam? I always knew he was a big weenie!