Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Saturday Night, the Man of the House surprised me with this lovely little flower bed, all planted and pretty and he took me out for a drive and bought me an Orange Dream milk shake (yummy). Then Sunday morning he and the kids came down with cards and mint chocolates. I got a little misty eyed about the whole thing.

Thanks DH for taking the time to think of something nice. It means a lot to me.
Thanks kids for being such good kids. I think I focus too much of the time on the things that they need to improve and forget that most of the time my kids are well behaved, obedient, and kind to each other. What more could a mother want?

Flowers and chocolate! check!

Oh, I know! How about a Women's Carhartt T-shirt in Mary Kay Pink?

Thanks Dad :)


  1. You got spoiled! :)

    I love the flower bed and the t shirt! And good and obedient kids are the best! :)

  2. What a fabulous Mother's Day! :)

    Thanks for the book ideas. I love reading juvenile fiction and fairy-tale stories. Robin McKinley is one of my favorite authors.

    And congrats! I didn't know you were expecting again.