Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie is 3! She loves anything about animals, especially horses and kitty cats. Often, she comes down the stairs on her hands and knees saying "Meow, meow." But if I say, "Hello little kitty cat." She will say, "I'm not a kitty cat, I'm a Julia." She also likes "Dora the Explorer" and Donald Duck. We were watching "The Three Caballeros" and she said, "That's Uncle Donald." I said, "You mean, Donald Duck?" "Yes," she said,"Maybe I love him."

All her siblings are in school, so she often asks me to take her to her school. She still has 2 1/2 years until she gets to go to Kindergarten. Sometimes I agree to take her to her school and we go to the park.

For her birthday she wanted Chocolate "Dapunzel" cake. (chocolate Rapunzel Cake) I couldn't find any Rapunzel cake decorations, so I just made Texas Fudge cake and said, "Here you go, chocolate Rapunzel cake."

She was completely satisfied.

Then, only a week (or 3) late, I finished her Kitty-cat slippers.
Didn't they turn out so cute?!!

I used this amazing tutorial by "Made by Rae" for Dragon Slippers.

I felt kind of guilty for turning such an awesome boy gift into a girly version--it is so hard to find things to make for boys. But I will be making the Dragon version for Bubba. They only took about 3 hours to make--including embroidering the kitty faces. The only bad part is I still have 4 more children who are expecting slippers. They all needed slippers this year, and I was just going to buy them. But slippers cost $10 a pair--for the ugly ones-- and that's $50 for just the kids. I got enough fleece (I think) to make everyone slippers for $15.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Julia! Isn't it so fun to see their imaginations exploding right now. I love listening Merek play each day.

    Ok, and can I just say THANK YOU for the chocolate Rapunzel cake?! That is awesome! My kids are pretty accepting like that, too. Aren't we lucky :)

    LOVE the kitty slippers. You find the best tutorials. Good luck getting the rest done. Maybe you should make the sixth pair to have on hand for next fall. ;)

    And, thank you for the rock idea. Fabulous!!