Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Day

This little Cutie Pie is so unique! It always amazes me how different each of my children are.

She loves to fill pages in with color and will spend over an hour carefully filling a shape in with marker. While she colors, she sings, "A Happy Day, a happy day." (Think Mickey and the Beanstalk-"My what a happy day")

Every morning, she asks for toast with jam and a "friday egg." I love that she likes eggs. Such a healthy food.

Of all my children, she is the only one who has loved puzzles. She loves putting the pieces in wooden puzzles, things that snap together, building towers with blocks --anything that is like a puzzle.

She is also the most rambunctious and fearless. She will jump off anything and actually laughs and asks for more when her big uncles throw her up in the air.

Right now she loves farm animals, especially horses and "oinkies". She spends lots of time each day tying up her horses, building walls for them to walk on, and riding anything that might substitute for a horse, like the arm of my overstuffed rocking chair-- which now has no cloth covering it, thanks to her rough riding.

She blames anything bad on Swiper the Fox. She will often ask me to watch over her food/toys/clothing so that "Swiper can't get it."

When I ask her to pick up her shoes or jacket, she will first say, "But I'm too bigger enough to do that." When I insist, she will sometimes decide to comply and sigh and say, "alright."

She and I have had a great time together this fall with all the big kids gone to school. We'll see what happens when we throw a new baby in the mix.


  1. Oh, she is a cutie! Love hearing what she is into right now (and I have Happy Day singing in my head). Puzzles! I really need to do more of those with Merek. He would like them. :)

  2. what a cute girl! I wish Georgie could come have some cousin time and play horsey too