Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mary Kay is AWESOME!

Today I got the best message ever from a customer. For several years, she has purchased Timewise age-fighting moisturizer from me, but that was all she wanted. Yesterday she came to me asking for help. Her eyelids were so dry, they had scales and were puffy, and her cheeks were bumpy all over as if she had poison ivy.

I was seriously worried, her face looked so bad, and actually asked her if she might need to see a doctor. She said it would take months to get an appointment with a dermatologist, and wanted to know what I could do for her. I told her she needed to use Mary Kay cleanser with her moisturizer--because products from different lines don't always work well together. I also explained that she should never use cleanser on her eyes, just our oil-free eye-makeup remover. I sent her home with a miracle set, firming eye cream, oil-free eye-makeup remover, and the targeted action eye revitalizer (which is for dark circles, another of her problems.)

She texted me today (a message 5 texts long) so excited because after only 24 hours of using 100% Mary Kay, the bumps were gone from her cheeks. The extreme dry patches on her eyelids that had been there for 2 months were gone and her face felt smooth and good. I had told her to wait a couple of days on the eye revitalizer because it tingles when you use it and I was afraid it would burn her dry skin. But she's already using it and can already tell that her dark circles are looking better!!

I'm so happy right now!!!! I really truly helped her and I made her happy. That's why I love my Mary Kay Business!!

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