Friday, October 26, 2012

Funny Dad Friday

So a friend of mine invited us all to blog about the funny things our dads say.  Immediately my mind went blank and stayed that way all week. I know my dad is funny, and appreciates a good joke, but I couldn't think of any.  The ones I could remember had 1 of 2 problems.  They were either

A-the kind of jokes that are funny if he tells them, but not if I tell them.  (I had to learn that the hard way.  In high school, I told my co-workers one of my dad's jokes that was always so funny when he told it and they all just looked at me, horrified. awkward.)  Kind of like there are some songs that only Willie Nelson can sing.

B-the kind of jokes that sound kinda racist in print--you gotta be there in person to hear them. ( "You hear about them new I-talian cars?  Dego through ice, Dego through snow, Dego through anything, and when dego flat, dego wop wop wop.")

Anyways, my brain finally unfroze so here goes.

My dad, the stand up comic
My Dad really likes funny little songs and poems, like this one by Austin Dobson:

Rose kissed me today.
Will she kiss me tomorrow?
Let it be as it may,
Rose kissed me today.
But the pleasure gives way
To a savor of sorrow;
Rose kissed me today
Will she kiss me tomorrow?

My dad also likes food. (Who doesn't.)  AND he doesn't complain.  He will eat anything that my mom cooks and he never complains.  As long as someone puts a plate of food in front of him, he gratefully and happily eats it.  He will eat a huge salad bowl of chopped cabbage and talk about how good it is. 

However, if someone cooks zucchini, he will make a token protest. He'll say, "I like everything, so I have the right to choose one vegetable to dislike and I choose zucchini.  Why would anyone want to eat zucchini?"

I've always thought it was pretty funny that he would fuss about zucchini when obviously he ate and liked everything.  But then, come to think of it, maybe it isn't a token protest.  My parents have never planted zucchini in their garden, not in my memory of 30+ years anyway, and they grow things no one else does, like asparagus and rhubarb, and bok choy.

My dad back in the '70s.  More than 30+ years ago.

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