Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sweet Action

a conversation en la casa:

Me:  Is "sweet action" something that only a guy says to another guy, or is it something that anybody could say to anybody?

(because I'm wondering if I said it to a guy if that would be weird.)

Dear Husband:  "Sweet Action" is something that your family says and thinks is cool, but nobody else says it.

Me:  Well, my brothers say it to each other, that's why I was asking if it is a guy thing....

DH:  It's a your family  thing.

Me: So... I shouldn't say it to anyone else?

DH:  No

p.s.  I checked the urban dictionary and it has 10 entries for "Sweet Action"  so I'm pretty sure it isn't just a phrase my family uses, but I'm still not sure if it is a phrase I should use.


  1. I have said Sweet Action before. I learned it from a kid from it has to be said with that accent. I've also heard many ladies say it too...including one from our Ward. Just sounds like there's some major Playa hatin going on.

  2. In that case, your Hulk Hulgen moustache at the Trunk-or-Treat was definitely Sweet Action.

    1. HAHAHAHA.....I take it all back.