Saturday, May 8, 2010


Thank you, all of my wonderful friends who left your suggestions and sympathy.

After reading through your comments and doing some soul searching, I realized that what I was hoping everyone would say was "CUT IT and Cut it NOW"

I decided that I really hated the shape of my hair, not necessarily the length. So, armed with new vocabulary like "long bob" (thanks Sarah) and "less layers" (thanks Mamabyrd) I went to a new haircutting place where the DH often goes. I like it there because the stylists don't make me feel like a hillbillie when I walk in. I sat in the chair and Betty, my new BFF, asked me a million questions until she understood both my hair and my unhappiness. Then she provided a solution that made me happy and kept my hair as long as possible.

And because TheLeader and JillS are right, I still plan on dying it --because that is too fun to skip. I just have to find that box ..... Here's a photo of the new happier me in the mean time. And the lighting is bad enough, you can get an idea for how I'll look with darker hair, which it will be.

The DH is contemplating what it will be like to be married to a goth chick. He's intrigued.


  1. I think your new cut is way cute. I'm excited for you to dye your hair black, it's kinda crazy but exciting! I bet you'll look hot and Ben will love it. Dad might have a stroke though, haha.

  2. Looks Fantastic! Can't wait to see it!!

  3. Katie-- you are right about Dad. That is part of the reason why I waited until after Ana's baptism.

    But I've died my hair a couple times now, so hopefully it isn't too hard on him. hehe

  4. yea!!! i like it!! i'm glad that i was able to expand your hair vocabulary. ;) i hope you love the new cut and i'm anxiously awaiting pics of it dyed too!