Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Projects

I did get some sewing in before Christmas! It was all presents for other people.

This sweet little lamb is just a white pom pom I made out of crochet thread. Then I cut out a little black face from acrylic felt and used elmer's glue to glue it onto the pom pom. I made the little bow from ribbon and glued it on as well. You can't see, but there is a black pipe cleaner, bent in half and tucked through the middle for his feet and a ribbon tied through his middle for hanging.

I made these sweet silhouett ornaments for my MIL.

RootsandWings gives a great tutorial/pattern for. But I forgot to take a picture. They turned out so well that I'll be making some for myself, so I'll take a picture for you all to see then.

Remember this hat I made with a felted rabbit angora wool sweater? I used the leftovers and Chez Beeper Bebe's pattern to make 4 cute Beddie Bye Beasties for the big kids.

I made 2 rabbits and couldn't find one of them for the picture. that is why there are only three for you to see. (Just in case you thought I couldn't count.)

I was worried because I only had enough red to make 2 and then I came up with the brilliant idea of using the white wool for the fronts. So each child got one with a very cuddly side. That felted angora is amazingly soft for rubbing your face on. Judging by how much the beasties are carried around the house, the kids love them.

For Cutie Pie, I used Mama Byrd's Mortimer the Tortoise pattern. Cutie Pie saw Thomas over at Mama Byrd's house and did not want to be parted from him. So I knew she needed her own.

She was most joyful and has named her little guy NapTurtle. Which I am sure is short for Naphtali.

Here she is bestowing him with many kisses.

Here he is watching Ponyo with his little mistress.

One of my friends mentioned in passing to me that she had always wanted a flannel night gown like the ones I made for my girls last year. I thought. I could do that! Wish Granted:

(well I had to try it on to make sure it would fit! I made it without a pattern. Good thing I did, too, because the arms were too short and I had to lengthen them.)

If you have a peasant blouse pattern or know how to make one, that is all I did. Just make it 60" long.

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